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Remember, SCREAM meets every Wednesday night.  Come on to church at 6:00 and eat some great food, then learn, grow and improve your relationship to God and your walk with Him.  Get answers to questions, support for difficult times and friendship that will help you get through life.  People here love you and are very happy to have you as a part of our church body.  Be sure you come and keep in touch so you won't miss anything!

Sunday School is Cool!

How much of the Bible do your children know and understand?  How much time during the week does your child spend learning the things that will make a difference for all eternity?  You strive to ensure that your child is well prepared for success in life and will become the best possible adult they can be, fulfilling their potential in all areas of life.  School (which is where they spend their most waking time)  will not provide that for them.  The things your child will learn in Sunday School, from an adult you can trust as a role model, will have an impact on the rest of their life.  This is important stuff!!!  And what about you?  As an adult are you living the best life possible as a husband or wife?, a mom or dad? an employee? a member of society?  Sunday School provides a unique learning environment for people of all ages!  You can study the Word of God with a small group, ask questions, share experiences and forge relationships with people like yourself who want to know and serve God.  We would like to invite you and your children to come and grow with us.  We are stronger together.  



Your church Security Officer would like to urge EVERYONE to purchase, keep and USE a weather radio for your home.  We need you here and want you and your family safe and sound!


If you are planning to invest in a storm shelter and you are looking at above ground shelters, please confirm before you purchase anything that the shelter is FEMA approved.  We love you and we want you around for as long as possible!

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