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We are planning on having a mission

meeting on Thursday, December 14th, at

6:00 PM at the Party Barn.  Please plan to

come and help us celebrate this past year

and anticipate the coming new year! 

Please remember the "Needful Tree" in

the foyer.  Those items you are collecting

will be taken to the Thrift Store in Baxter

just before Christmas to help make many

merry faces for the holidays!  It is SO

blessed to give!

Our turn to supply workers for the Thrift

Store is December 19th through December

23rd.  The hours are 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

so you still have time left in your day to do

other things you need to do.  It's an enjoyable way to spend a few hours and it helps the

store keep running!

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for your amazing generosity with the Christmas Child boxes!

Our goal was 100 boxes and we collected 130 boxes!  You are great people!


The children will be presenting their Christmas program on Sunday, December 17th.  Sunday School will be dismissed that day and the program will begin at 11:00.  They have been working hard on this and we hope you will all be here to watch and support them.  They are such an important part of our church family!  Help make sure they know it!


We will begin the new year by remembering what Jesus accomplished for us in His sacrifice on the cross.  His love for us and His amazing gift of grace to us is what enables us to look forward to the new year with joy, peace and confidence!


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